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Undergraduate Program

  1. Required credit for graduation is 131.
  2. Undergraduate students need to choose one of the two fields based on the rank of his or her performance at the end of the first semester of the second year. Students have to complete the courses and earn the required credits for the field they choose to get the Degree of Bachelor.
  3. Undergraduate students can choose the courses of another Department or the Master Program under the approval of Chairman.
  4. Undergraduate students have to take at least 8 elective credits from Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.
  5. The beginning semester of elective courses can be adjusted by the determination of Department.
  6. Undergraduate students have to complete the elective course of “Ethics in Engineering.”

2022 Curriculum of Undergraduate Program
2021 Curriculum of Undergraduate Program
2020 Curriculum of Undergraduate Program
2019 Curriculum of Undergraduate Program

Curriculum Map of Master of Undergraduate Program
Curriculum Map