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Educational Objective

  Being recognized as Taiwan’s first one which offers collegiate aeronautics program, the original Department of Aeronautical Engineering was established at the CCIT in 1967, to meet the demand of engineers for military aircraft design and construction. In 1971, the first MS Program of Aeronautical Engineering was subsequently established in the DAE to fulfill the need of high-level managers for aeronautics researches.   

The MS Programs of DME and DAE were integrated into the Graduate School of Defense Science and Weapon System Engineering, later in 1984, so that their defense-oriented feature can be signified. In recent years, however, due to the advancement of modern technologies and the military affairs transformation need, these two MS Programs are respectively resumed under the new DMEAE, starting from 2007.   
On the basis of the remarkable academic records and good traditions of the original DME and DAE, the new Department of Mechtronic, Energy and Aerospace Engineering will keep running for a new, feature education in training qualified officers and engineers to serve the new century defense need. From this scope, well- designed curriculum programs and long-term development plans for teaching, researches, and for infrastructures all are ready to go for the new Department goal to meet the certification criteria by IEET, in the near future.